Private 1st Class Jeffrey Hillcox, UCAS Army, Discharged

Private Hillcox was honorably discharged from the UCAS Army after a tragic, undisclosed incident with his battalion in a classified location. Matrix searches turn up rumors that his battalion was stationed somewhere in Africa at the time.

After a failed experimental implant, Private Hillcox reportedly displayed difficulty reasoning and proved highly gullible. The implant was intended to heighten synaptic transference, thereby improving reaction times and decision making while reducing interference from the adrenaline and testosterone released during combat situations. Leaked research shows the implant attempted to merge cyberware, bioware, and manatechnology. In order to make room for the implant, significant portions of Private Hillcox’ frontal lobe and other reasoning centers were removed. Yet it was justified as the preliminary test results promised the implant would more than make up for the reduction.

For unknown reasons, Hillcox’ immune system rejected key portions of the implant, although the rejection was not discovered until diagnostic tests were run following the incident. As a result, a court marshal hearing dismissed him from any willful wrongdoing, but recommended he no longer fill an active duty role. He was honorably discharged on January 12th, 2075, and recommended to a position with Ares Macrotechnology’s sales division because of his extensive experience with weapons and gunnery.

Unfortunately, though the implant was successfully recovered for further study and review, it left Private Hillcox with significant deficits in logic and reasoning functions. Furthermore, he maintains little memory of his past.

Interestingly, he has maintained a cognitive attachment to the concept of “the Avengers,” a 20th century series of comic books that was revitalized in the early part of the 21st century by Hollywood and made into a pop-culture mainstay. Researchers suggest that somehow this cognitive link is related to Hillcox’ ability to maintain any memory of his identity and former life at all.

Private 1st Class Jeffrey Hillcox, UCAS Army, Discharged

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