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<jack> Ohaiyo, chummers. I’ve set this up as a generic shadow directory to different services you might want to use. It’s sparse right now, but I’ll try to keep adding tags to it. You should be able to follow the Marks in your display. They may not always be accurate on a map or GPS, but the information should be reliable, at least. Take it with a grain of salt, and say domo, ya ingrates!

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Known Johnsons and Fences

Safe Houses, Trusted Vendors, and Chop Shops

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Everybody’s gotta eat, right? Here’s a place to keep track of jobs or leads on paydays. Send anybody by the name of Johnson this way, too, if you meet’em and can’t help him directly. Maybe somebody else can. But remember – try not to be stupid about it, yeah? Spiders are always crawling the airwaves. Don’t list names, addresses, and for Coyote’s sake, do us all a favor and crash LS or agents if you see’em snoopin’. I can’t watch out for everyone all the time.

- Jack

Main Page

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