Mad World

Just Another Night at Dub Kultur

Game Played 6/23/18

  • Commlink communications with Raiju,Wyrd, Slim, Floyd, and Rune
  • Agree to meet at Dub Kultur to reconvene and share notes
  • Floyd running behind due to traffic jams brought on by EMP nanobot storm
  • Wyrd is strangely silent
  • Slim’s Dog notices strange occurences at Mt. Baker while Slim attempts to learn more about Agent Baker.
  • Raiju finds a poster advertising an old carnival coming to town. Assensing it, she believes it to be a Door of some sort, similar to the Joker cards.
  • Slim traces the “watermark” while perceiving astrally.
  • A voice whispers “Dagon returns…”
  • Strange animated corpses appear in casino. Each seems enraged, calling out names. One of them is “Frances,” Floyd’s real name. Others, Floyd recognizes from his past with Rune at the Great Wall.
  • Wyrd begins hunting them with his shotgun, while Floyd and Slim flip a table and prepare cover.
  • Raiju hides, then makes her way to Floyd’s cover.
  • Slim and Raiju discover they can banish the spirits inhabiting the corpses.
  • Slim sets himself to banishing the rest of the corpse spirits as Floyd and Raiju begin searching the corpses for identifiable markings or other identification. Discover that each were present at the battle at the Great Wall, and each had a name tattooed on the inside of their lips corresponding with someone who Floyd knew, but was not at the wall.
  • Rune arrives, Slim checks out to investigate something with Dog, and Wyrd leaves without explanation.
  • Rune, Raiju, and Floyd sit down to hash out a few new details that come to light.

Karma Awarded: 4 Karma



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