Mad World

Don't Kill Smalls

Finding Smalls on the Flipside

Floyd, Raiju, and Sledge left Wyrd to continue to party at the Lex as they decided to get some other work done. First, they headed over to a cab company where Raiju knew a contact, Bernie, who helped “clean” our new vehicles. New tags and IDs, and we were on our way.

After looking through the payday listings, Raiju and Floyd decided to help Sledge with his drug run. Sledge had been talking about it before, so it seemed like an already solid beat. We headed over to Sledge’s contact’s place, Sturm, and met Sturm at his apartment, which is in disrepair in a less reputable part of the city.

We all walked in to the apartment. Sledge announced, “Here we are, Sturm.”

An ork looked up from a flickering trideo and said, “This it? Small team. That’s smart. Bringing the big guy, though… he kinda stands out.”

Floyd, still dressed in his purple suit with silver stripes, snorted.

Sledge pointed a thumb at Floyd and said, “He’s the muscle.”

It was Sturm’s turn to snort. He said, “I’ve seen bigger.”

Floyd’s gaze narrowed.

Sledge cut in. “Where’s the money?”

Sturm replied, “Money? Ain’t no money until you finish the job.”

Turning off his trideo, Sturm stood and lit a cigarette, then said, “The way this work is I find it, you get it, we split it. I take my cut and you take yours and do with it whatever you want. So, I have this guy, you have to meet him, and he will give you more details. Guy’s name is Sanchez. You’re supposed to meet him.”

Raiju asked, “Where are we meeting Sanchez?”

Sturm said, “Well, he runs a noodle vending trunk. You’ll have to find his trunk. Normally he hangs out around 86th and Freeman, in Redmond. Go locked and loaded, as it isn’t a friendly place.”

Raiju said, “So what are we going to do with this once we meet him?”

Sturm replied, “He’ll tell you where you need to go and what to do with it.”

Sledge looked at Sturm said, “What do you need a cut for?”

Sturm’s brow furrowed. Before he could say anything, Raiju said, “It’s a finder’s fee.”

Sturm smiled and bellowed, “This chick’s smart! I like her!” Nodding at Raiju, he said, “Yeah, a finder’s fee.”

Raiju said, “And how do we get paid?”

“Let me know when the job is done and I’ll transfer the credits to Sledge,” Sturm said. “He’ll cut you in on the action after that.”

So we left to head to the noodle vendor. Floyd knew that this area of the Redmond Barrens, 86th and Freeman, is a great place for drops but not a place one wants to be in either daylight or night. There is a place nearby, Sleazy E’s, that is a place where one can duck into if there is a need for a place like that.

Handing Raiju the keys to the van, we drove to the location of the noodle vendor. She drove like a bat outta hell, only hitting a couple of go-gangers as we went. At 86th and Freeman, we pulled up to an old security building that is obviously not a security building anymore. It is a front for crime, a biker bar with some Halloweeners hanging out in front of it. Across the street is Club Synapse.

Turning a corner on a slow roll in a van, the noodle vendor’s truck pulled up on 87th and deployed into a vending stand. As we pull up in the front of the truck, all of the lights on the street go out.

No one is driving the vendor truck. Instead, a drone is there. A mascot for the noodle vendor popped up and says, “I hear you are looking for Sanchez?”

“Yes,” Raiju said.

“Sturm tells me his man is Sledge,” Sanchez said. “I need him to slot a credstick to know where to transfer the credits.” We passed him Sledge’s credstick.

A voice that is trying to do an American accent but is obviously Japanese started to speak: “So here’s the job: I need you to find this guy and bring him back, and he has to be alive.” He displayed a picture of a dirty little elf named “Smalls”. "His real name is Francis Lincoln. He works the clubs in Tarislar district in Pallyup and the elven district pushing Flipside.

“I will warn you that the Komun’Go are involved. Komun’Go are involved in Seoulpa rings and have been trying to muscle in on the North American territory, and they are pissing off the yakuza and mafia as they are making inroads primary through Seattle. They are interested in this drug called Flipside, which is a drug apparently identical to Tempo, and the Komun’Go are the only ones who have access to Flipside.”

We negotiated with Sanchez for 42K¥ and all the nonlethal assistance in capturing this guy alive for Sanchez. Sanchez instructed us to go to 46th and Odermann to an automated vendor there. We can pick up a variety of restraints, gas, and other sundry items there.

Sanchez said, “So, I’m going to need you to slot another credstick and purchase the Microtransceiver Special to keep the lights on. I will be able to communicate with you more once you have acquired the subject, and I will tell you where to bring him.” Sanchez gave us half now and will provide the other half when we complete the job.

We rolled up to the vendor at 46th and Odermann and gathered some narcojet and other stun-related paraphernalia, gas masks and such, restraints, etc. We don’t stick around long as the undesirables were starting to gather.

We made our way back. While Floyd drove, Raiju performed a Matrix search on Smalls and found an encrypted Lone Star file on him. A summarized form of his rap sheet is available, including that he was convicted for dealing with the Lyessa; it has known contacts and hangouts, but those are part of the encrypted files. So, Sledge called up his ork ex-girlfriend beat cop to unlock the file, and, after some coercing and 100 nuyen, she decided to help him.

Unlocking the list of known associates and hangouts, the information placed him around a club called the Daisy Chain. It is a struggling nightclub that has found its niche as a drug-dealing den. The investors have invested in a dark, gothic AR for the elven dealers and wannabes that frequent the club. The club itself is subterranean being in the basement level below a large, abandoned warehouse.

We decided to go to the club and get this guy to do a drug deal with us and then try and kidnap him. Floyd stayed in the van because he didn’t have much to disguise himself with since it is primarily an elven bar. Raiju and Sledge went inside the Daisy Chain.

At the Daisy Chain a group of elves played light goth music to the crowd. The elven female lead with fang implants tore into a piece of steak and spat blood into the crowd. Sledge came into the bar and ordered a water from the put-off female elven bartender. Raiju entered after and spoke to the bartender a bit. She found out from the bartender where she could find a mind-expanding Awakened experience. She tells her there is a guy who does some business in the unisex bathroom. “However, you’ll need the key,” she said. “Slot me your comm and I’ll give you the key”, which Raiju did.

Sledge headed over to the dance floor and talked to a girl there about starting a mosh pit. She was all about it, even though she was about half passed out. He flashed some Tempo and talked about it to her to see if she was on it, and she was definitely all about getting dosed. She told him there was a guy in the unisex bathroom that was selling it. She then passed out, abruptly ending their conversation.

Floyd walked around astrally and found an elevator in the far back corner and a stairway up to the open abandoned warehouse floor above. In the closed women’s bathroom, he found that there were two people holding Smalls while there was one talking to him, demanding to know where Smalls got his supply of Flipside. There was another lady hiding by the back wall and another dude with a vibro-knife about to vivisect Smalls for info. Floyd stopped searching astrally and told everyone via commlink what was going on, and that we have to kick this run into gear in order to save Smalls from being cut to pieces!

Since summoning it at the Lex, Floyd pulled out the water spirit and called upon it to save Smalls. The water spirit erupted from a nearby toilet and started attacking. Raiju crawled into some duct work in the adjacent unisex bathroom and tried to creep into the combat zone. Sledge dropped some Neuro-Stun X into the hallway in front of the bathroom doors. Hell broke loose as the water spirit slammed the gangsters in the bathroom while they tried shooting the spirit. Bar security in pursuit of Sledge instantly dropped paralyzed upon entering the gas cloud, leaving Sledge in the adjacent men’s bathroom next door as he punched his way through the wall with his cyberarms.

Raiju failed to sneak in to the bathroom, instead falling from the duct work above and into the fray. Between Raiju, Sledge, and the water spirit, four of the Komun’Go members dropped cold. One tried to break earlier and, running into the bar management in the front hall, got smoked before bar management got knocked out. Sledge darted Smalls, paralyzing him, and we collected his stiffened body for extraction. A single Komun’Go member, who survived attacks from all around, escaped into hallway and ran into the gas cloud, succumbing to the gas and becoming paralyzed.

After killing a bunch of dudes, leaving only one of the Komun’Go members to run out into the hall into the gas and succumb to the gas, paralyzed. Sledge fired a dart into Smalls, paralyzing him, and we took both him and the Komun’Go member into the van and left.

We delivered them both back to Sanchez for questioning at his specified drop. Sanchez decided we might be worthy to keep around, so he extended a retainer to all of us of 500 ¥ per day.

On the news, you hear later that Lone Star is having a hard time cracking down on the sources of Tempo because it is technically not illegal yet. Still stuck in red tape.

Sanchez puts us on retainer with him for 500 ¥ a day.

We all got paid 14500¥.

Everyone on this run receives “Sanchez” (Loyalty 1, Connection ?) as a Contact.

+2 karma for surviving, +2 karma for completing objectives, and +1 for overall, so +5 karma total



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