Mad World

Bullets In The Club

And the wet work truly begins

Incoming message…
… Authenticating sender ID.
… Sender ID Spoofed.
… Downloading message.
Set mode to View.

Sent: Today, 2318 hrs
By: Smiley
To: Moses

Hoi, chummer! I got a hot tip on some cold shit, man. Horizon Wiretech sold you out. There’s a bounty posted on you by some Johnson over on the Jackpoint VPN. Word is a wet team of runners is already en route to your location. Let your old pal know your coordinates, and I’ll be your backup.


Nothing like an old friend sending a message like that in the middle of a mission to complicate matters. Moses dropped Smiley the coordinates and asked about how much time he had. Smiley dropped another message about the runners have some sort of trace on Moses and that they would be there in five to ten minutes.

Moses got on the comms and let Sp3xx and Annie know that another runner team was coming in hot to take them all out, so we need to make a bid on this or jack out. Annie chimed in with how perfect the situation was that another runner team was coming in so we could possibly make it look like they did it. However, we would need to take Nesmith out here, at the club, and do it ourselves just to be sure. She pressed Sp3xx to get back into the host and get her on the VIP directory so she could get into the VIP room, and Moses pressed Sp3xx to get back into the host and get control of the cameras. In the meantime, Moses dropped another message to Smiley giving him the layout and telling him to meet him in the loading dock.

So the new plan: Annie would get into the VIP room through the front door and get a lay of the land and let everyone know what was happening. Sp3xx would get control of the cameras and security so we could keep the situation as low-key as possible. Moses would swing around back through the back halls with a security tuxedo on and come in to the VIP room through the back door. Once everyone was in position, we’d wax Nesmith. When Smiley arrived, he could stick around outside and cover our escape in case the other team arrived.

Sp3xx was still running hot in the club’s host as the Cheshire Cat. Hacking on the fly, he combs his way through to the VIP directory file and proceeds to crack the file. With a few more keystrokes, he pulls up Annie’s SIN entry and upgrades her to VIP status. A golden clipboard in the host appears, spins around with the letters “VIP” glowing on it, and then vanishes again. Sp3xx announces that Annie has received an in-flight upgrade to first-class and she should proceed to her new seating immediately.

Annie and Moses get on the move. Annie picks up her covered trays of “food” and proceeds to enter the VIP room. She is stopped by the security in the room at the door. Meanwhile, Moses gets back to the locker room and finds a poorly-fitting tuxedo uniform with the name tag “Andrew Jackson”. He makes his way toward the loading dock doors after changing.

Smiley, of course, is on his way.

Annie attempts to talk her way around the guard. He insists she cannot enter into the VIP room with the covered trays. It is club policy that only a waiter or club employee bring food into the room. He would be glad to take the trays back to the kitchen.

Sp3xx turns his attention to taking control of the cameras and runs his brute forcer program to no avail. A pit boss suit notices something amiss and gets a mark on him. A golden handcuff appears on the Cheshire Cat.

Smiley arrives and, parking his truck in an alley off the street near the back of the club, rounds up his arsenal and jogs to the loading dock doors.

Moses arrives at the loading dock doors and proceeds to open them. As the doors get about halfway up, Moses notices a guard strolling in his direction. Instead of letting Smiley in, Moses puts a hand on him and pushes him out as Moses also steps out, closing the loading dock door behind them. Mentioning the guard, Moses and Smiley make a move around the corner and toward a different loading dock door to make an entry. Moses comms in to everyone he is on the move; Sp3xx needs to take over the cameras.

Annie cannot seem to get the guard to budge on his position about the trays, so she does the only sensible thing – she flips the tray, grabs both guns from the air, forces her way in and starts shooting!

Moses sneaking with Smiley attempting, using the employee maglock passkey, scans the key and gets through the second loading dock doors and into a different loading dock into the club. Fortunately, no one is currently in the loading dock as they enter. Hearing gunfire over the comms, they quickly assess the building layout and make for a door to the hallway running down the back of the VIP room.

Sp3xx is scanning fast through the system, looking for a way to get a mark on the cameras, but the encryption key keeps changing before he can get it dialed in. The Rock ‘em Sock ’em robots have taken notice of his activities and mark him. A second golden handcuff appears on the Cheshire Cat. Before he has time to react, though, all of Sp3xx’s work has drawn the attention of the GODs, who decided to forcibly eject Sp3xx from the host.

Bursting in to the VIP room, guns blazing, Annie spies Nesmith with Candy and Sandy on a couch in the lounge. Seeing her guns, the security guards react, shooting gel rounds in her direction. Shooting starts and Annie tags a guard with a round while also getting shot with a gel round. Gunplay rouses the assembled patrons, who begin to scream and flee for cover as the alarm goes up.

Moses and Smiley can hear the gunfire over the comms and yell for Sp3xx to get back into the host and get control of the cameras. Also, pulling up the floor plan for the club, Moses and Smiley map out a route through the loading dock in the far corner of the club they are about to enter to the VIP lounge. There is a hallway that runs directly from the dock to the employee rear entrance to the lounge that they will enter through. All they have to do is avoid a single security camera/sentry gun.

Groggy and running cold, Sp3xx got back into the club’s host. Once again, the golden lights of the casino dazzle him. Finding a seat at the far end of the bar, he gives the wink and the nod to a cocktail waitress before getting back to the scheduled… program. Dialing up the schematic he saved, he started poking and prodding for a way back into the system. Launching a dictionary attack on what looked like a chandelier but was actually an array of sensors and cameras, he tried unsuccessfully to take control of the system. Not running silent due to time pressure, he knew his actions were going to attract attention, and they did. Tuxedoed pit bosses and Rock ’Em Sock ’Em Robots started scanning the crowd.

Meanwhile, gunfire blazed away in the VIP room. The orc escorts pulled guns and started firing on Annie, clipping her. Nesmith stumbled and crawled toward the nearest piece of furniture looking for cover.

Stepping into the hallway, Smiley launched a small grenade from his under-barrel grenade launcher right past the panicked guests streaming into the hallway and into the sentry gun at the end of it, blowing a hole wide open to the street outside. The screams from the guests that followed were punctuated with more gunfire as Smiley unleashed a hail of bullets down the hallway, dropping two security guards who had come from the VIP room and were making their way toward him. Moses bolted from behind Smiley and sprinted down the hall toward the VIP room in an effort to both head Nesmith off before he got away and to help out Annie. Coming through the door, Predator drawn, Moses drills Nesmith center mass with a single APDS round. Nesmith fell back, gasping for mercy, saying, “I can help you! I’m an important man! I know things!”

Security guards fell back to the stage in the VIP room, taking shots at the runners and missing. Candy and Sandy retreated to the stage as well with other patrons, leaving Nesmith in favor of self-preservation.

Sp3xx downed a virtual martini. He could hear over the comm from Moses to either get control over the camera system or at least wipe the tape. Continuing to apply pressure on the camera system, Sp3xx attempted to gain full control and failed. Feeling a tap on his shoulder, a pit boss latched a golden cuff over his wrist, gaining a mark on Sp3xx.

Annie found some cover, dropped to one knee, and fired a single shot into Nesmith, ending his life. Gel rounds from the security glanced off her cover, but we got what we came for.

Moses caught the falling body of Nesmith and started dragging him from the VIP room toward the new exit Smiley created. Smiley decided to gun down the other camera at the end of the hall before making his way out. Annie soon got around to following Moses and Smiley out. They all made for Annie’s car in the parking garage, blending in with the screaming masses streaming from the club. With the runners taking off, security decided a live firefight was beyond their paygrade and fell back.

Sp3xx darted to a new position in the virtual casino and launched yet another dictionary attack on the host’s camera system. However, the encryption key proved elusive, and he once again failed to get a mark on the system. However, the pit bosses had definitely taken notice of Sp3xx and ran their own attack program on him. Sp3xx diverted his attention from the camera system long enough to avoid a second mark. Circulating around the club, Sp3xx got call over the comm from Moses. “I’m a little busy right now, Pops. It’s not like I’m typing a spreadsheet here.” Moses explained that everyone was making for the car and that he had to wipe the feed, and if Sp3xx couldn’t wipe the feed, then we’d all be getting our next job at MacDuffy’s after a long stint behind bars. Sp3xx got back to hacking on the fly, acquiring a mark on the camera system and gaining access to the video feed. In the virtual world of the host, a waitress came by and dropped a stack of cash beside him. Continuing with the hack, Sp3xx was able to pull the video feed up and wipe it. In the host, Sp3xx set the stack of cash on fire. With that, a Rock ’Em Sock ’Em Robot dropped a second golden manacle on him. It was with the second manacle that Sp3xx ejected himself from the host, sustaining the shock of the ejection and reviving in the car as the others arrived.

Piling in Annie’s vehicle, Smiley had us take him around back to his truck, so we pulled around into the alley away from the chaos of the front. Given that we hadn’t seen this other runner team yet, we asked Sp3xx if he could scan the car and the area for any tracers or tags. Sure enough, through his scan, Sp3xx picked up a tracer tag on the shotgun microphone we picked up originally from the Johnson. Using an eraser, we burned it out. While we were sitting there for a few seconds waiting to see who might exit the club in case we needed to prepare for more security guards, a large van pulled up and a small crew with some serious hardware exited, running into the club. They didn’t look like Knight Errant, and we knew some Knight Errant guys were on their way in addition to the other runner team. However, they did leave a nice van parked outside, and we needed a place to put Nesmith’s body, or at least something to put his body in and then drop off in the orc neighborhood and make it look like an “accident”….



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