Mad World

A Trap Was Sprung

A tarot trap jaunts from The Fun House to the Doctor's office

Given the situation in the habstack basement, we returned to the street through the sewer. Seeing that there was a firefight and Raiju was no longer around in the van, we took Sax O’Clock to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Raiju, Sledge, and Slim were shunted to what appeared to be the 2nd floor of the Fun House, stuck in the middle of a ward (Force 8, tied to the cards that each of these characters had and tied to the cards that are cinders in front of Jacoby). Jacques was on the other side of the ward, juggling simulacrums of some tarot cards that another man (Jacoby) was looking at an arrangement of the same cards on the floor in front of him in cinders and yelling, “What? No! Nooooo!!!” Also in this room was a swirling purple portal that, on the other side, appeared to be a hellscape of the modern world.

Back outside the Fun House, Floyd decided to look into the mana lines a bit more while at the hospital with Sax O’Clock (checked in under the alias Horatio Hernandez). He realized, if one looked closely into the astral, one could see the stronger lines. While looking at mana lines, Floyd could see a ley line that looked like it had been contorted into a song line. While looking, Floyd also saw an image of The Dragon tarot card that then melted into an image of Jacques. Coming out of the astral, Floyd saw his friends are now located at the same address as The Fun House….

Meanwhile, Slim and Raiju teamed up and counterspelled the ward. Jacoby couldn’t help them until he was released from the ward. Slim and Raiju again teamed up and dispelled Jacoby’s ward.

Raiju summoned an earth elemental while Sledge used some foam explosive on the wall. The foam went off and did not blow the wall while the earth elemental protected everyone but Jacoby, and the blast knocked the stuffing out of Jacoby. Raiju picked up a bunch of tarot cards off of Jacoby’s unconscious body. The earth elemental dissolved, having served its services. The blast alerted the hatchetmen and zombie prostitutes down the hall. Raiju healed Jacoby to revive him.

Flipping back to Floyd, Floyd pulled over and astrally projected into the room. He summoned an earth elemental (force 5, 2 services), Rock’s Earthen Grasp, and ordered it to blow a hole in the wall. The ward on the door to the room dropped and some hatchetmen and zombie prostitutes opened the door. Slim fired a mana bolt at the enemies. Raiju flipped through the cards and threw an energized few of the cards out. The cards did nothing, but now she had touched all of the cards and they are charged. Her throwing the cards was followed by a rumbling and Jacoby saying, “Oh… no…”. All of us heard in our heads a hollow voice say “And the fifth has joined.”

Rock’s Earthen Grasp continued to blow a hole in the wall and succeeded, creating a hole big enough for people to jump out of the 2nd floor and out on to the street below. The hatchetmen entered and attacked Raiju, severely injuring her. Slim cast Poltergeist in the hallway, causing a whirlwind of debris in the hallway, affecting some of the enemies.

Floyd ordered the earth spirit to form a wall around the door to separate the enemies from the friends, and then Sledge, who foamed the door earlier, blew the door, killing a few of the enemies. The earth spirit crumbled to dust, having served its services. Everyone escaped out the hole and into the streets.

Outside, there are cops everywhere. Raiju handed Jacoby back his cards and told him to do something. He laid down the following pattern (the following is top to bottom, but he laid them down from bottom to top starting with the Queen of Cups):

The Eclipse (inverted)
The Tower (rotated 90 degrees right)
The Awakened
The Queen of Cups (rotated 90 degrees right)

He cast mana bolt on the cards, and it summoned a Mitsubishi Eclipse with a drunken woman who almost looks like Slim’s contact Sophia but is not actually her. Everyone piled in and, even though the cops pursued, and everyone escaped.

Floyd contacted the other team via commlink and asked about everyone: what’s going on? Is everyone okay? Is that other mystery guy still with you? Where are you going so I can meet up? Jacoby leaned over to the driver and said, “We need to see the Doctor.” The team responded to Floyd that they’d let him know the location once they got there.

They drove to a place in the Puyallup Barrens that was like a doctor’s office on the inside crossed with a vampire den. The place was creepy, and the hairs on the back of your neck stod up. There was a magical lodge in the building that is sort of hidden away. Everyone piled in to the lodge. Jacoby then told everyone, “The Doctor is on his way. We are safe here for the moment. You can do whatever you need to here. However, I have a feeling that this will become very unsafe very soon.”

Jacoby continued, “I have a feeling my sister has come back, and that you all felt that. You were not intended to appear at the Fun House. I was merely trying to find you, and my brother set a trap and used the cards he gave you. I was using those to find you. However, I believe one of the cards you were given was not a real card, but a fake. When I pulled the King of Batons, the image that I saw was not the one on the actual card, and that must have sprung the trap.”

Floyd eventually caught up to everyone at the doctor’s office. Floyd asked, “What is going on here?”

Jacoby said, “My family wants to bring the land we lived in and the creatures from there to here. There was a time when my family felt that in order to thrive and survive we should enlist the services of powers greater than ourselves. We were under attack by something, your kind, your ancestors, and our kind had different ideas of how to defend ourselves. My family, given its status, thought we had the right motive to summon those powers. Others disagreed and enlisted powers to separate us and bind us so that we could never complete our task of summoning. They sealed us in the cracks we were trying to open.”

Raiju said, “The version of the story I have heard is that the powers you were trying to summon were dark and evil. And the reaction to imprison you was a just one.”

Jacoby chuckled, “There was a difference of opinion on that. You were trying to destroy us, and we sought to bring back these powers to defend ourselves. However, I have since understood that what we were trying to do was wrong. I cannot be reunited with my family or this will unleash these powers. I have to remain here and the others of my family must be sealed away to prevent all of this from happening.”

Floyd said, “So we have to keep you here and seal you because you are the good guy and the others are evil? Why doesn’t sealing all of you away work?”

Jacoby responded, “Every time someone uses a card, they power a card, and potentially inadvertently opens a portal to the Awakened world. I cannot be sealed away with them as I need to be here to find these tarot cards and use them in order and seal away my family. I have not as yet discovered how to use the cards to seal away them. I have to collect these cards and study them in order to figure out how to use them and seal them away.”

Raiju said, “So you only need a full deck or do we need to gather all of the cards?”

Jacoby said, “I need to gather all of the remaining cards and not just a full deck. The cards out there were spread out so that I might not gather them. Some of these remaining cards are corrupted by the power they possess; some of these cards have had duplicates made and act as the originals. Back when we were sealed away some of my ‘cousins’ were separated in to two different realms: some remained here and some went to the other realm.”

Sledge asked, “What is preventing us from killing you? If we kill you, you wouldn’t be able to be reunited?”

Jacoby said, “I’m not sure. My essence might be reborn or go back to my plane, even if it was trapped there.”

Floyd asked, “How long do we have before the shit really hits the fan? How big does this get? What role do we play here now that you are here gathering the cards?”

Raiju said, “Knight Errant working on weapons to destroy a person’s essence. It gets bad.”

Jacoby said, “Yes, terrible things will happen if something doesn’t happen. Yes, it seems like a very large undertaking. If we work together, I can’t offer you much; I don’t have much. However, I believe you are able to achieve much more than my brother believes you can. My brother doesn’t believe anyone has much worth as far as humans or metahumans. He would judge you worthy of punishment. I prefer to see you as flawed beings with so much potential.”

Jacoby continued, “I believe if you can seal my 3 brothers and sister (my other sister remains sealed as far as I know)…”

Floyd said, “What’s the change of heart here, Jacoby? This is what your family wanted.”

Jacoby said, “My family was interested in expanding their empire. During that time, they were called Roma, and the ones that attacked us were Milesians. It was Dagon’s plan to call upon these powers. I did not agree, but we didn’t have time to go with another plan. Now I understand the error of my ways and wish to make right.”

Raiju asked, “How do we know that you are not going to use us to gather the cards just so you can destroy us all?”

Jacoby responded, “I would be willing to take any oath that you wish me to make.”

Jacoby paced a bit, then said, “I have remain here in the lodge to re-attune myself to the deck since Raiju messed with them. Then I can use the cards to divine the locations of the remaining cards.”

Afterwards, Cherry Bomb burst in on us talking about which faction we should work for after Rune (Rainan) comes through a portal from Australia and drops off Raiju’s possessions. She bursts in, guns blazing, holding a grenade. She was… very agitated.

+3 karma for all. Restore Edge.



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