Mad World

A Library, Two Flags, and a Habstack

We visited the library in Everett asking about tarot. They mentioned Daniel Lee and also some cards that are missing from the library. The library was told Daniel Lee from Wu Xing to pass his contact info along to anyone the library came across that was also interested in the tarot.

According to Cheryl Schrick, head librarian at the Lynnwood Library in Everett, she held two genuine SWT cards, one showing a woman dancing with or fighting (or both) a fire spirit in front of a heavy vault, and the other shows a clown-like figure standing in a broken window over someone clinging to a ledge.

Lady Zack took a card they claimed to have, the Sun, to somewhere else to the library. When they brought it here, it showed the Eclipse instead, and when they took it back it did not change back, per Cheryl that she saw on a datapad.

Raiju asked about a connection between the tarot and the Seelie Court. Raiju, current a.k.a. Alice Walker, pretended to be a researcher looking into this. Cheryl had no information but much was interested in a possible connection as it would be an interesting addition to their library.

The Seelie Court had announced that they have returned to the world. The Fey plane has crashed into ours. They have tried to arrange diplomatic relations between various governments and such. They are very guarded. They claim not to know much about the current state of the world. They say that they have come back a long time from when they were last here. They have established relations with the elves at Tir Tangere and Tir nanog. They are very guarded with their relations with corps, but Renanku has been hired to complete a census of the fey nation.

Regarding harnessing the power of a card: they can be used in summoning rituals, but effects are unpredictable. Effects are different, especially on the larger ones. Minor cards are Coins, Batons, Cups, and Swords, and Major cards are the other cards. Using cards in conjunction also have unanticipated effects.

Other strange happenings are people who have claimed to see themselves or people they knew on the cards.

The Neon Ascension showing increased interest in tarot. Host names associated with the Neon Ascension are Black Lighter and another is Dark Home, and they entertain wild conspiracy theories. There is a transcript she gave us that they received six months ago, approximately the same time the as the Seelie Court arrived.

Meanwhile, Sax O’Clock went to visit his contact Two Flags in the Redmond Barrens. In a shanty apartment, Sax walked in and found Two Flags laying on the floor in the middle of his room of labyrinthe screens. His face appeared on the screens and they started talking about how much money Sax owed Two Flags. Two Flags then gave Sax a job: clear out a path through some rats for people that live in a habstack for 30000¥. That will allow Sax to pay back the 10K that he owes Two Flags. The habstack in question is on the corner of 36th and Lomarbard right off of I-5 across the street from a noodle shop. So Sax left and called Raiju and Steven.

Steven conned a guy named Private Hillcock to come with him from Weapons World and come along on the run. We all meet at a nearby McDuffy’s in Everett near the habstack in question. While there, Floyd looks at the habstack astrally and sees a bunch of creatures of near dog-size on the first two floors and other people on the top three floors. Some rats are dual-natured. In the building are a large rat and Rattus Diablus Novo. There are three types of these rats, and they look like they are being controlled in some way.

Having Steven pull some favors, we got a layout of the sewer system around the habstack, and Floyd requested some sanitation worker uniforms. If we were going to access the habstack, our plan was to do it via the sewer and enter in through the basement level. We acquired enough uniforms and equipment that we staked off the street in front of the habstack to enter the sewer, just like the sewerjacks we dressed up as. And everything was working until Knight Errant decided to show up and question our purpose and permitting and shutting down the street. It took all the charm Steven had and his contacts to talk his way around the police, who ultimately decided to help us cordon off the street.

Going into the sewer under the habstack, we went toward the basement. We encountered a ward that is like a toxic ward that is deliberately trying to foul the mana in the area. Raiju and Floyd try and disenchant the ward and together were able to break the ward. Raiju started dry-heaving and mana starts turning into claws, tearing away at the ward that is like ripping through rotting zombie flesh. Raiju decided she had had enough and left the sewer to return up top, leaving Floyd, Sax, Steven, and Private Hillcock to enter the habstack. The assault on the habstack is best left to the report by Private Hillcock to retell.

Eventually, Steven and Raiju left to meet with a Mr. Takenda at a Renraku digital pagoda.

+5 karma, +2 karma for RP (so +7 total karma for this session).

(Note: This adventure log is just to supplement the other with some information gathered during the session.)


There was a fair amount of material sent to us from Chris for info that we gathered from library. I cannot post all of it here. However, if you are interested, touch base with Chris for it.


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