Mad World

Fools Rush In

Well, more like carefully infiltrate....

With Nesmith entering the Silver Fools, we are left with either waiting to take him in transit again, as per the original plan, or trying to take him in the club. Obviously, we know why he is there. However, there is no reason he should be there, really. It is unlikely that his finances add up to not one but two busty orc escorts in a high-class night club in the ritzy part of town. We decide we need to get eyes on this situation. Given that we do not have a lot of time with this mission anyhow, it could be this is more than just a meeting for some pleasurable company.

We park in the parking garage and have Sp3xx jack in to the grid to find out any intel on the building layout, get control of the cameras, and find out where Nesmith is hanging out. Sp3xx makes short work of the host, gaining the building layout and camera layout rather handily, which he transmits to both Moses’s and Annie’s comms. However, gaining access to the cameras was much more difficult. Sp3xx had to change personas several times throughout the course of gaining access to the cameras, all the while arousing the attention of the IC. He was eventually able to hide for a time as the Monopoly Man before having to drop out from the host to avoid getting marked too many times. Cameras were a no-go.

With the building layout in our possession, Annie decided she was going in to scout the floor and see what she could see. If the decker couldn’t help tracking Nesmith through the complex, then we could still, at least, put real eyes on him. As part of her plan, Annie stealthily guns down a woman using her silenced gun in the parking garage, nearly killing her. Taking her armored evening gown and credstick, she changes into her new disguise and gets into the club with 250 credits paid. (The body of the unconscious woman was left under a blanket in the parking garage with a slap patch over the wound.) Annie checked her gun at the door and proceeded to the main club floor in search of Nesmith. Over the comm she requested Moses bring in some of her other guns from the car. Sp3xx was going to remain in the vehicle down low in the backseat and get back into the Matrix hot this time. We need those cameras, and Sp3xx was the only one who could gain access to them. With Sp3xx in the back, Moses took off around the back to the loading dock to gain entry to the complex.

With Annie in the front and Sp3xx in the Matrix host, Moses made his way through the weak maglock at the loading dock and sneaked into the locker room with Annie’s additional weaponry. Acquiring a waiter uniform, Moses passed the security room, noting two armed tuxedoed guards and three deckers monitoring the cameras and alarms. Lifting a couple covered dishes from the kitchen nearby, Moses slipped Annie’s guns under the covers and carried them out to her. Dropping them at her table, he circled back to the locker room to change clothes again, lifting a few credsticks and maglock passkeys for the complex.

From Annie scanning around, it was obvious Nesmith was no where on the main floor, which only left the VIP room. Dialing up Sp3xx over the comm, his next move was to be getting Annie on the VIP directory to get her access to the VIP room so she could scout it out for Nesmith. Also, he needed to get control of the cameras! Popping back in to the Matrix host as with a Cheshire Cat persona, Sp3xx got to work.



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