Silver Fools

Main Street & 108th Avenue, Bellevue

Not part of the local tours, this upper-middle class night club and casino is known to the locals with some nuyen to spend. Dress code notwithstanding, no one with the right amount of cash is turned away, but getting into the VIP room means you will need to be “on the list”. The night club provides dancing, drinking, dining, and pleasurable company, while most of the casino services are accessible in the club’s Matrix host via their virtual lobby.

Physically, the Silver Fools is a warehouse-sized, single-story steel structure that sits squarely on the southeast corner of Main Street and 108th Avenue in Bellevue. To the north is high-end hotel; to the west is a towering parking structure, to the east and south are other buildings.

Physical Security Features

With an image to maintain, the Silver Fools is a classy night club where the security are dressed in armored clothing tailored to look like tuxedos. Guards are conspicuous in that they accessorize their tuxedos with HK-227s loaded with gel rounds. Security presence on the floor itself is light so the club can maintain its atmosphere. All guests are checked at the door for weapons.

In the security room situated off of the main club floor, two tuxedoed, armed guards and three deckers monitor the cameras, communications, emergency sprinkler system, and passive alarms system during club operation. All of these systems are controlled from the building’s Matrix host as well.

Technical Security Features

Cameras are positioned throughout the complex. Cameras in the employees-only sections of the business also have a sentry gun with gel rounds mounted near them. However, in the customer-facing areas such as the main room and the VIP room, these cameras lack the sentry guns. All cameras are tied to the club’s Matrix host but are not accessible from the public network outside of the club.

There are doors on every side of the building: the main door facing Main Street, an employee-only side entrance, and two different loading dock areas. The loading dock doors are equipped with low-grade maglocks, good enough to keep out the roving homeless but not much else. All employees have appropriate maglock passkeys for the main entrance and doors they are allowed through appropriate to their job function.

There is a panic button behind the coat check kiosk near the main entrance to the club; if triggered, it will bring Knight Errant rapid response teams.

Magical Security Features

Unknown at this time.

Matrix Security Features

All devices pertaining to security, casino and club transactions, the VIP directory, SIN verification, and other services tie through the club’s single Matrix host. A decker attempting to access this host must do so within the vicinity of the club’s wireless network presence.

Main Host

Iconography: A brightly-lit casino game room with a slight fun house vibe, equipped with card game tables, craps tables, roulette, and palm trees. Individual devices like cameras and sensors take the form of various shiny baubles. IC constructs take the form of Rock ’Em Sock ’Em robots, ninjas, and floating tuxedos. The CPU is a glowing waterfall tucked behind a barred cash counter. Data constructs are waitresses delivering packages of data.

? ? ? ?

If any individual device manages to get a mark on an attempted Matrix intruder, it share that mark with the host and alerts the host, which will launch IC in response.

Silver Fools

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