Ether Dick

Ether Dick is the debut album by Seattle experimental jazz artist Sax O’Clock.

The album was self-produced and hastily put together by the artist to sell at his one-man shows. All songs are available for download.

Track Listing

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1 Introducing Sax O’Clock   0:25
2 Alarm Clock Sax O’Clock 1:00
3 Whispering Firestorm John Tesh 3:13
4 The Door is Ajar Sax O’Clock 2:02
5 Backing Up Sax O’Clock 1:16
6 Fire Alarm Sax O’Clock 4:40
7 Thank Yooouuu Sax O’Clock 0:35


The lead single Alarm Clock is a staple of Sax O’Clock shows and his most-downloaded track from the album. However, critics call it an “uninspired rip-off” of the alarm clock sounds of a bygone age. And yet, for that same reason, some refer to the single as “classic”.


The cover for the album is currently unknown.


Sax O’Clock is a one-man band and, therefore, the only person who worked on the album, performing all of the instruments (primarily saxophone) and doing all of the sound engineering and production.

Ether Dick

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