Dub Kultur

516 East Union Street, Downtown

Stacked in the alleyways on East Union between Belmont and Summit Avenues is an artsy-fartsy drinking den popular with the local tambourine shakers, hand drummers, experimental artists, and even one or two true mystics. Students from the university district flit in and out of here in addition to the occasional magical dealing. The bar is decked out with a rich wood interior that is dominated on the far wall by a stage where open mic night performers read their sullen poetry and perform their moaning ballads. Through a set of large double doors a small gaming room is available for patrons who like to try their luck, wagering a few nuyen for a few more. The club’s local Matrix host provides basic information about the club and its local arts and entertainment event lineup but little else. The club shies away from providing electronic diversions, favoring entertainments in meatspace and the natural world as per their clientele’s interest.

Physically, Dub Kultur is a hole-in-the-wall club that looks like a small dive bar on the outside which does not at all match its interior dimensions. No one knows what causes this. However, all of the locals know that this club caters to magic users, especially nature adepts. The building is nestled inside the block and only accessible via the alleyways between the buildings.

Physical Security Features

The large open bar area has plenty of seating and space for patrons to hang out, lounge, and chat. Some booths exist on the walls, but seating is primarily free-standing tables, chairs, and stools. The stage area is level with the floor, surrounded by a railing with openings for access. Security presence on the floor itself is light, with a single armed bouncer and a bartender that keeps a Defiance T-250 shotgun under the bar. The atmosphere is rather relaxed, and the bouncer only provides a cursory check for age and weapons when patrons hit the door.

Inside the gaming area had no noticeable security features. A small wiring closet off to the side appears to handle the Matrix host. There appeared to be no passive alarm system, emergency sprinkler system, cameras, or panic button system.

Technical Security Features

There are few apparent technical security features in the club. No apparent cameras, alarm systems, or panic button system are tied anywhere. It is assumed that any electronic systems controlling the point-of-sale system or backend databases for the club are tied to its Matrix host behind a firewall to keep it private from the public front.

There is only one door on the building, and that is the main entrance that opens into the alleyway running through the center of the block. The bartender and bouncer have appropriate-level maglock passkeys to operate the door.

Magical Security Features

Largely, magical security at this location remains unknown. However, it is known at all of the club employees are magic users in some form or another and can obviously handle themselves in that kind of fight.

Matrix Security Features

All devices pertaining to security, casino and club transactions, and other services tie through the club’s single Matrix host. A decker attempting to access this host must do so within the vicinity of the club’s wireless network presence.

Main Host

Iconography: An airy village in the middle of a sweltering jungle await you online. Individual devices take the form of various jungle creatures that look ever-so-slightly pixelated. IC constructs’ forms are unknown. The CPU is a giant statue of the flayed god Xipe Totec surrounded by a dense, impenetrable jungle. Data constructs’ forms are also unknown.

? ? ? ?

It is unknown what the host’s security protocol is for handling intruders.

Dub Kultur

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