Turbo Bunny

He's 9 feet tall, ladies! Guess what size shoes he wears?! Equally at home in a garage, playing cards, or on a stage, this big bunny keeps going, and going, and going!


From Turbo’s latest metahuman Trid-ocumentary, entitled “Changed: For the Better”:

“Turbo has a thing for the night-life. When he’s not burning the midnight oil working on oily things in his spacious man-cave of a garage, he’s often found moonlighting as a male stripper and porn star. Of course, things weren’t always leather and roses for this mountain of a man. Before the Change, he led a quiet, self-confessed reclusive life, working for Renraku as a decker.

Turbo says his life changed dramatically all at once. First, came the Change, hitting him late in life – during his early twenties – which would have cost the company quite a chunk of insurance cred replacing and adjusting his “authorized work-related enhancements.” Instead, they tried to liquidate him by revealing another nasty secret he had been keeping: a BTL addiction and lucrative undercover operation.

So, Turbo did what we all wish we could do would do. He hired a lawyer from the United Metahuman Rights Initiative and sued for slander and discrimination. Although he won a large settlement, he was forced to serve 10 years in the Seattle Penitentiary.

Returning to the Civil World 10 years later, Turbo has a new lease on life, and he’s been living it to the bleeding edge. Upon being released, Turbo unveiled himself and his plans to open one of Seattle’s newest and largest casinos and entertainment centers with his settlement money, after having invested it wisely with the help of some big business movers.

Now, he’s part owner of The Rock and the Hard Place, an entertainment and gambling Mecca. This multistory plex boasts bars, gambling halls, exotic dancing, and the latest in vehicular customization at Turbo’s Garage. Apparently, the American Dream is still alive and attainable."

Turbo Bunny

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