Mad World

Easy Money

Amateur hour starts... now

Connecting Jackpoint VPN
… Matrix Access ID Spoofed.
… Encryption Keys Generated.
… Connected to Terracotta Routers.
> Login
> Enter Passcode
… Address <<UNKNOWN>> Confirmed.
Connected to <<ERROR: NODE UNKNOWN>>

Posted: Today, 0248 hrs
By: Mr. Johnson
Subject: Easy Money

Hoi! Listen up, vatjobs! My R&D section has some trash that needs a cleaner to take out. He is a square peg that doesn’t fit the round hole. Nice work if you can get it. Try outs are in two days with address to follow.

After placing some calls to our respective contacts, both Annie and Moses decide to go after this easy money job. Both of us show up, individually, to the dilapidated Horizon Wiretech warehouse in a sketchier part of Seattle. As we are checking out the place, we notice a guy on the top of the building with a shotgun microphone, and we really notice him when he drops said shotgun microphone near us. We notice the guy, then we notice each other, then we both decide to grab the mic and pursue the guy, climbing to the top of the building to chase after him. We chase him back to the ground floor of the building to where we meet the Johnson who posted the ad. Mr. Johnson used his personal comm to post the ad, so we note that for later in case we ever need to get in touch with him.. personally.

Mr. Johnson wastes no time in gunning down his sidekick right in front of us before telling us the job, which is Horizon Wiretech wants us to take an annoying engineer who isn’t working out and doesn’t “fit the mold” and kidnap him. Make it look like another corp rival did it. Take him to a location that they specified or makes sense and eliminate him. Most importantly, though, is to make it look like someone else did it or make it look like an accident.

Herbert Nesmith is the mark. He works for Horizon Wiretech as an engineer. Horizon Wiretech located in Renton. Nesmith fancies himself an inventor. He has a lot of skills but no follow-through. Nesmith needs to evaporate within a week.

Annie and Moses think it might be best to take this guy during his transit from work to home. However, we need more intel on the whole situation and what this guy does, his patterns, the whole nine yards. We decide to setup a two-prong approach where Annie will stake out the guy’s house while Moses will stake out the guy’s work.

Mose’s corporate security contractor contact is an orc named Jim Falstaff. He was able to get Moses into Horizon as part of his contract staff. He pulled one of his guys off to slot Moses in. Just one thing: no blood. Moses needs to pick up a uniform and get over there in the morning. Annie will drive herself over to Nesmith’s house using the details we have on him from the Johnson to see if he has any weaknesses and/or where would the best place to be to take him.



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